What advantages do we offer?

trading software

QTrade is a CFD and forex broker operating on the international level and as such arranges trades. In contrast to most of our competitors we are headquartered in Germany (Munich). As a result, you enjoy greater security.

trading software Our award-winning
trading software
  Our profile Forex and CFD broker (trading of indices, commodities, currencies (forex), stocks and interest rates)
  Minimum deposit: only EUR 250 / USD 250
  Fees: 0 US dollars for account management,  0 US dollars for trading, and 0 US dollars for order changing
  Leverage up to 400:1
  Top service: English support by telephone and email
  Trading software: MetaTrader 4 and 5 with QTrade add-ons (free)

Ten good reasons for trading with us:

We are unique among the forex and CFD brokers.  With us you trade with a legendary service component.  Become a professional trader with the help of free webinars with expert traders and with the help of numerous knowledge reports!

No hidden costs!
There aren`t any hidden costs. You know in advance exactly what you have to pay (no costs for CFDs, small commission for forex)
  • No account management costs!
  • No costs for the setting of limit-orders!
  • No costs for the cancellation of orders!

Beispiel - Gewinne bei steigenden Kursen

Free gifts
We are the only provider from whom you will receive exclusive gifts as a new client:

Award-winning trading software for 0 US dollars!
Professional traders often spend more than 100 US dollars a month for trading software including real-time charts and quotes. With our trading softwares MetaTrader 4 and 5you get it all free! You can start trading right away with only one click.

Our trading software offers the following:
  • Free real-time charts and quotes
  • News for professionals from Dow Jones Newswires
  • Quick reaction to news
  • You can program your own trading systems (expert advisors)
  • English-language support by telephone
  • Countless indicators and high-value chart tool for your analyses
  • Software in English and all 100% free of charge
  • Very easy to use
  • Trader-Shop with numerous tools for free
Leverage up to 400:1
QTrade provides gigantic leverages: with a small investment sum of only 100 US dollars you can trade a position with a value of 30,000 US dollars. This results in gigantic leverages of up to 400:1. Few brokers offer such hefty leverages.
Trade round the clock
With us you trade indices, commodities, interest rates and currencies using a single trading platform. And the best thing: to a large extent you can trade Forex for 24 hours on end. As a result, you can react to market events at any time of the day. Trading could not be more exciting.
Mobile trading
Imagine the following situation: you are at work and US economic data that has just been published is announced on the radio. You can react immediately to the announcement and place an order using your mobile phone or tablet PC. Conclusion: Our trading software allows you to do this very easily
.metatrader 5  mobiles trading
Megatrend: automatic trading
Why are most small investors unsuccessful? They have no control over their emotions and they trade without following a strategy. With an automatic trading system this does not happen. Almost 70% of turnover is already attributable to automatic trading programs. Take advantage of the megatrend that originated in the US. There the so-called "expert advisors" are often sold for several thousand dollars. Or you program your own trading system and let it trade automatically. Easy and stress-free trading with our trading software!
Professional traders trade through QTrade
The reliable execution of trades in a matter of seconds that this guarantees, the free trading account management and the fair quoting of prices have even won over professional traders. For example, the world champion trader of 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012, Dr Andrea Unger, trades through us as the broker. Our service is also recommended by other traders.
No flat rate withholding tax
Since your account is maintained in England you enjoy a considerable advantage: you do not need to pay the flat rate withholding tax immediately (it is due only at the end of the year). This has the advantage that you can re-invest 100% of your profits. If your money is held in Germany, the flat rate withholding tax falls due immediately!
Security and protection
We attach the greatest importance to the security of your money.  That is why the money of our clients is deposited at the England-based Barclays Bank, a listed company that is included in the EuroStoxx index.  The advantage of an English bank:  at 50,000 pounds (around 60,000 US dollars by Barclays Bank) plus 500.000 pounds (by Lloyds of London), the deposit guarantee is higher in England than in Germany.   This is also protected in the case of insolvency.

Quick check of other reasons for choosing us

  • Fair financing costs for CFDs and no expiry of index CFDs!
  • Fair quoting of prices
  • Small accounts can be traded readily (in mini-lots (1/10) as well as micro-lots (1/100))
  • Narrow spreads and low margin
  • Long and short positions can be opened simultaneously
  • News traders and scalpers are welcome
  • Double regulation in Germany and the UK through our partners
  • Quick and easy opening of accounts (usually < 24 hours)
  • Bank transfers can be made in euros, US dollars, Swiss francs and British pounds
  • Regularly held online seminars

Five advantages of CFDs

  • Lower fees than when trading with certificates/warrants
  • You can start with a minimum of 250 US dollars
  • Better than warrants: no time value loss or influence of volatility
  • Tradeable like a share
  • You only need 1,000 US dollars to trade with 100,000 US dollars!

Start now - free $ 100,000 demo account

Start right away - 100 percent risk-free!  Register now for a free demo account with 100,000 virtual US dollars of capital.  The demo account trading software includes real-time charts, analytical tools and Dow Jones Newswires news.  Downloading takes only one minute!  The demo account is activated for 30 days and then expires automatically. To start, simply click here...