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Trade CFDs and Forex now!

Do you already trade CFDs (Contracts For Difference)?  No other class of investment allows you to speculate so easily on both rising and falling prices.  Moreover, the leverage effect enables you to gain access to substantial amounts of money with a very small initial deposit.  As a result, you can realise sizeable profits in every market situation and are not dependent on the current stock market trend.
Example:  The DAX stands at 10,000 points.  You believe that it will rise by 1%.  You would like to profit from this movement and you decide to buy CFDs on the DAX.


Conclusion:  Even small initial deposits can result in sizeable profits!

Our offer at a glance

  • Trade CFDs and Forex
  • Trade on MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Spreads from 0.7 on EUR/USD and 1.0 on the DAX
  • Head office in Germany (Munich) with English client service
  • Trading terminal and special tools for traders
  • We guarantee that all offers will be permanently free of charge!

What advantages do we offer?

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Award-winning trading software for 0 US Dollars!

Our trading platform will revolutionise your trading.  Like a professional trader or hedge fund manager you trade indices, currencies and commodities in a matter of seconds - all on one platform.   It is entirely in English, easy to use and 100% free of charge for you!

No cost for account openings and maintenance!

With QTrade you pay no fees for the opening and management of your account.  Moreover, unlike other providers we do not charge anything for order the cancellation or changing of orders.

Better and cheaper than certificates!

CFDs are extremely flexible because you can choose the leverage yourself.  Moreover, there is no premature expiry (knock-out etc.) and, in contrast to warrants or certificates, there are no stock market fees.  CFDs are also much easier to trade because their movement always exactly mirrors that of the underlying instrument.


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